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Class Meetings: D1,D2,D2 Room 142- Independent Study

D4,D5 Room 142 - With Teacher


Instructors: Jonathan Dietz, (Weston)


Office: MS 142

Office Hours: After School 2:45- 3:30 PM or by appointment- email


                 Sam Elder,          (AOPS/MIT) 




Goals of the Course






Introduction to Geometry
by Richard Rusczyk
A full course in challenging geometry for students in grades 7-10, including topics such as similar triangles, congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, circles, funky areas, power of a point, three-dimensional geometry, transformations, introductory trigonometry, and more.


Support Material:


Khan Academy- Geometry


Vi Hart, Mathemusician-


Terry Jones, The Story of One (Video)


Numberphile- Videos About Numbers-


Regents Exam Prep Center- Geometry -


Museum of Mathematics- Math Mondays-


Further Readings:


Discrete Math- Javed Aslam, Northeastern University :


Between the Folds(Origami)- Video








Learning Supplies:



Required Course Components:




Problem Sets and Notebook 


Much of our class time will be spent working in teams and individually on problem sets. These problem

sets form the core of the course. They will encourage you to sharpen your conversation skills  





There will be no fomal exams; however, we will be reviewing problems from the High school honors geometry course and other sources. 



Preparation, Attendance, and Pacing


This class meets five days per week. Three periods  per week are student-led and two are instructor-led.


 A significant amount of the work for class will be occurring between classes. In between classes you should ...




Course Grade


This course is graded on a Pass/Fail basis.


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