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Arduino and Electronics

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Why are we doing this?







  • Arduino Software:  http://www.arduino.cc/  - Go to "Download"; download Arduino IDE Folder; Follow Instructions under "Getting Started"
  • Fritzing ( Circuit Design Software):  http://fritzing.org/ - Go to "Download"  



Texts and Tutorials:




1. Basic Circuit Theory




Makey Makey









Examples of Arduino Circuits 

2. Schematics 


3. Introduction to Arduino : Blink

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKwox3dd-dE&feature=share&list=PL8CD32146ED5CD04E  (2:30)


Also:Intro to Arduino http://youtu.be/pMV2isNm8JU



  •  Challenge 2: Make row of blinking LEDs-see answer

4. Sensors 1: Analog Read Serial- Reading an analog voltage, displaying it on the Serial Monitor 




Introduction to Breadboarding:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CssOBb-qaX0&feature=share&list=PL8CD32146ED5CD04E 



Challenge 4: Read a Button : If/Else


Reading: Arduino in a Nutshell pp. 9-10








Arduino-Bot: Video


Challenge: Build a robotic vehicle that can follow a wall at a fixed distance.


                    Add lights and buzzers that indicate if it is turning left, right, or going straight.


                    Add a servo motor that enables robot to scan left and right, and find its way

                    through a maze- see Explorer Bot




Example Code

Controlling Motors with an H-Bridge:























May 17th- Algorithms - Prof. Javed Aslam


Creating Functions (useful for organizing code) 


Adjusting Output Speed with Pulse-width Modulation(PWM)


  analogWrite(pin,  value 0-255);




Challenge 5: Control Tone with  Light Sensor


Challenge 6: Using Ultrasound



Challenge 7: Using Motors





Kenz's PID-Controlled Explorer-Bot






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