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Sea Perch

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MIT Sea Grant's SeaPerch program introduces pre-college students to the wonders of underwater robotics. Part of the Office of Naval Research's initiative, "Recruiting the Next Generation of Naval Architects," this program teaches students how to build an underwater robot (called a SeaPerch), how to build a propulsion system, how to develop a controller, and how to investigate weight and buoyancy.


 This endeavor is one of many exciting new projects funded by the Office of Naval Research as part of its National Naval Responsibility Initiative. The initiative focuses on bringing academia, government and industry to work together to ensure that the talent needed to design the Navy's next generation of ships and submarines will be there when needed.




MIT Sea Perch http://seaperch.mit.edu/


Videos: Building the Sea Perch http://www.phillyseaperch.org/construction-videos.html


Philly SeaPerch Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/PhillySeaPerch

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